Building the Future of Online Learning
Opening Doors at UT for Online Students

The higher education landscape continues to transform, opening doors to learners worldwide. Online students today expect more, and Digital Learning at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville is ready to deliver. Our team stands at the forefront of this educational revolution, providing access to over 70 online programs. And we are prepared to enhance access and amplify achievement for the distance learners–and Vols–of tomorrow.

Our Purpose
What is Vols Online?

Vols Online is the entry point and portal to all online programs offered at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville from anywhere in the world or life. The same renowned faculty on campus teach our growing number of degree programs and certificates offered online. Our innovative approached provides an inclusive learning journey that is respectful and responsive to distance learners’ unique needs.

How Vols Online Powers the Future of UT Online Learning Experiences

Program Development & Management

The strategic planning, development, and maintenance of programs is initiated in collaboration with UT’s academic units to establish, oversee, and expand the catalog of degree and certificate offerings available through Vols Online.

Enrollment & Success Coaches

Students are the heart of everything we do. At Digital Learning, our enrollment and success coaches are working to create an inclusive and supportive online learning environment where students have the resources and motivation to excel academically.

Course Development & Instructional Design

In partnership with the award-winning faculty in academic units across campus, Digital Learning creates learner-centered experiences that promote active engagement, critical thinking, and knowledge retention by leveraging technology to deliver content innovatively while maintaining academic quality and integrity. 

Marketing & Technology

Through a cohesive and synergistic partnership, Marketing and Technology play vital roles in the success and growth of Vols Online learners. These teams generate broad awareness of and enrollment to Vols Online while ensuring a seamless student experience that creates an engaging and effective learning journey for all students.

Help us build the future of online learning at UT!

If you are passionate about providing online students the best possible higher education experience, we invite you to apply for our open positions. 

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