Meet the Team
Driven by a Passion for Advancing the UT Online Learning Experience

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Digital Learning team is unlocking the UT higher education experience for online students, one distance learner at a time. Our team works on a host of essential duties, all geared to impact the student journey and overall education experience positively. 

Among those functions are developing courses, recruiting new students, making the user experience as smooth as possible, and maintaining a virtual support community. Just as importantly, the Digital Learning team collaborates with faculty and multi-disciplinary partners across the university to bring the UT experience online. Below are the people responsible for making Vols Online a success.

The Digital Learning Team


Igor Akpovo

Manager, Professional Development for Online Learning

Perrin Anderson

Director of Earned Media

David Des Armier

Instructional Designer

Anna Banks

Executive Director Data Science Technologies

Bruce Behn

Dean & CEO

Josh Bowers

Senior Assistant Director of Student Success

Naomi Breeden

Executive Director of Solutions Engineering

Jason Brown

Director of Multimedia

Lindsay Burke-Melton

Assistant Dean of Finance, Administration, & Facilities

Isaiah Cash

Senior Web Developer

Michelle Curley

Chief Education Core Officer

Ann Elys

Ann Ely

Academic Program Manager

Cris Emberton

Interactive Learning Manager

Anna Everett

Anna Everett

Instructional Designer

Kristen Ferrer

Director of Performance Marketing

Stephen Fields

Front End Web Application Developer

Jonathan Fuqua

Web Application Developer

Jennifer Glaab

Instructional Designer

Jason Glenn

Project Manager

Christina Goode

Christina Goode

Instructional Designer

Jennifer Gramling

Director of Online Programs

Katie Elise Harrill

Video Production Specialist

Angie Heig

Executive Director of Marketing

Tonya Hussin

Instructional Designer

Tim Jackson

Video Production Specialist

Jason Johnston

Executive Director of Online Learning & Course Production

Cayce Keith

Director of Enrollment and Retention Communications

Amy Lambert

Director of Marketing Insights

Molly Minninger

Director of HR & Employee Engagement

Jamie Neill

Academic Program Manager

Mark Neisler

Compliance Coordinator

Dani Powers

Visual Communications Specialist

Cindy Satterfield

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Shawnna Stallard

Enrollment Coach

Mark Savage

Chief Technology Officer

Mayank Saxena

Immersive Media Developer

Shay Scott

Vice Dean & Chief Operating Officer

Josh Steele

Chief Programs Officer & Associate Vice Dean

Jian Su

Instructional Designer

Stephanee Thornton

Executive Assistant

Shannon Tyler

Senior Assistant Director of Recruitment & Enrollment

Ginny Valentin

Executive Director of Learner Services

Sara Whitt

Director of Visual & Digital Design

Sky Zhang

Director of Instructional Design

Graduate Assistants & Student Workers

Kamar Afra

Graduate Research Assistant

Brittany Price

Graduate Research Assistant

Kinley Sanderson

Student Worker

Srijana Uprety

Graduate Research Assistant

Wei Wang

Graduate Research Assistant

Muslimah Yusuff

Graduate Research Assistant

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